Mirjana Trkulja

Psychologist, psychotherapist, and counselor.
Born 03.04. 1951 in Trstenik.

- Graduate Psychologist, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade;
- Specialist in school psychology (completed two-year specialization at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade);
- Passed professional exam for associate psychologist at school;
- Passed exam for work in state administration bodies - Advisor in the Ministry of Education and Sports;
- Psychotherapist and Counselor - REBT Center, Belgrade, Albert Ellis Institute New York;
She has many years of experience in the education of children, young people, and adults, primarily professionals employed in education. It is most concerned with the challenges of personal growth and development, emotions, communication, misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships, and the development of emotional intelligence.

He is the author of numerous accredited seminars in the field of personal development and professional competences related to communication skills. Holds various workshops to foster emotional intelligence of youth and adults.
He works independently as a psychological counselor and psychotherapist.

- at school as a professor of psychology and as an associate
- in the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, Department for Education Development and International Educational Cooperation
- at the Center for Professional Development of Employees in Education, Department for Development and Evaluation of Professional Development Programs
- at the Institute for the Advancement of Education - Center for the Professional Development of Employees

She has been involved in various strategic projects at the national level concerning reform and promotion of education:
- Professional Development System Project of the Swiss Development and Reconstruction Agency (SDC),
- Expert team for "Development of the strategy of continuous professional development of teachers, educators and professional associates",
- Expert Team for the Development of the Reform Strategy: Primary, Secondary and Secondary Vocational Education,
- Conducted numerous seminars as author, trainer, supervisor, and mentor:
'' Feeling What You Think - How To Overcome Stress '', 'Professionalism', 'Keepers Of A Smile' - A Program To Encourage Personal Development, 'Public Speech And Presentation', 'Emotional Intelligence In Education', 'Managing Emotions In Working With Children', "Motivation to Work and Learn - A Rational-Emotional-Behavioral Approach (REBT)."