Marija M. Macura (née Eremija), full professor. She graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She received her phD at the same Faculty in 2000, where she also became a Specialist in General Medicine in 2002. She is employed at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade since 3.12.1990. She is a teacher at basic applied and academic studies (subjects Biology of Human Development with Basics of Sports Medicine, Women and Sport, Theory and Technology of Recreation and Theory and Practice of Recreation), Specialist applied studies (Ergonomics in Sport and Recreation), Master (Theory and technology of fitness and Methodology of Research in Physical Education and Sport) and doctoral studies (Theoretical Foundations of Applied Research 1 and Applied Research in Sport). Editor of the magazine Godišnjak No. 15, 2010. Member of Serbian Medical Society, Serbian Medical Chamber, Association of Fitness and Aerobics Professionals of Serbia, and IPAR (International Plastic Aestetic Residence). For more than a decade, she has been successfully engaged in scientific antiaging for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.