AnaRado Center for Corrective Therapeutic Yoga in Belgrade, in addition to regular yoga classes, and in cooperation with the great Yoga and Ayurveda Teachers, holds bi-annual training in Corrective Therapeutic Yoga. The program covers 600 hours for two years, or 300 hours per year (300 + 300 hours). After each year, students take exams in all subjects and gain the title of Correctional Therapeutic Yoga Instructor (first level), Corrective Therapeutic Yoga Teacher (second level), and Certificates for a specific level, as well as the opportunity to join the next level of education.

The program is designed in accordance with the international standards of the European Yoga Federation (EYF) and The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). After completing the training, successfully passing the exams and obtaining the certificate, students are entitled to become members of the aforementioned associations.


1.The first level of training enables you to acquire the title of Instructor of Yoga Parichaya - 150 + 150 hours (300 hours).
2. The second level of training is given the title of Teacher of Corrective Therapeutic Yoga (Yoga Siromani) - 150 + 150 hours (300 hours).
During the training, students gain knowledge of the theory and practice of Corrective Therapeutic Yoga, Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda as well as thorough knowledge of the basics of anatomy and physiology of the human body. Through yoga school, students build the ability to self-identify and identify specific conditions and needs of practitioners, and to adapt them to a system of exercises in a safe, effective and reliable manner.
The training is adapted for many years of Hatha Yoga practitioners and / or instructors, and the knowledge acquired is applicable not only in corrective-therapeutic work with others, but also in order to improve personal psychophysical status. Therefore, this training is recommended for those who do not have the affinity to practice yoga professionally but believe that it would allow them to have a healthy and functional daily life.
Before enrolling for the training, psychophysical abilities of potential students are checked at Ana Rado Centre, through brief conversation and questionnaire fulfillment. Each student is obliged to check their health condition at an official health institution before taking the course. (It is not necessary to present evidence on the occasion of the enrollment, but it is recommended for students’ personal safety).


All classes of practice and theory of Corrective Therapeutic Yoga are held in the center of Belgrade, AnaRado Yoga Studio, Kalenic Street.

The 300-hour training runs from October to May, with a break during January, seven months, and 28 weekends. Block classes are held Saturdays and Sundays, with time for rest. During the training, students will be provided with absolute learning support, literature, and ongoing consultations to raise potential concerns. Each student is required to write a Seminar paper on a topic of their choice before taking the Certificate. Mentoring support for writing the work as well as during the learning is provided by the AnaRado Yoga team.

Each year of training for Corrective Therapeutic Yoga is 1050 euros (in RSD equivalent), at enrollment is paid 350, and the rest is divided into monthly installments. If the whole amount is paid, the price of one level of training is 950 euros (in RSD equivalent). You can reserve your seat with a non-refundable payment of 150 Euro (in RSD equivalent).
The corrective therapeutic approach to yoga practice will be based on recognizing the connection between asanas and their schedule, body posture and staying in certain postures with the treatment of certain types of illnesses or problems, or as a prevention of them in the practitioner. The yogis have long realized that the remedy for various imbalances lies within themselves, and they have transformed their experience into natural therapy that aims at a more efficient functioning of the system, the prevention and treatment of imbalances throughout the body. The characteristic of Corrective Therapeutic Yoga is that asanas are performed with the help of props (bricks, belts, bolsters, chairs, blankets, pillows, ropes, planks) so that different parts of the body are positioned at a specific place, the so-called ideal point, and thus reach their greatest potential.

The training focuses on 3 key aspects:

1. Alignment, allowing the body to harmonically develop itself at anatomy level, eliminating the possibility of pain or getting hurt. Through categorical asana practice, the whole body and mind are devoted to training function, trainee extends the consciousness till the smallest body parts and mind reaches the full state of attention, wakefulness and sharpness.
2. A correctly done asana sequence is the precondition to reach the maximum effect. The choice and order of asanas intensify mental and emotional effect all over the entire being.
3. Time of taking and holding the pose, that is, timing. A trainee is guided to learn how to go into asana and how much time he/she is to stay in it. Corrective Therapeutic Yoga combines eight disciplines of Yoga (according to the teachings of Patanjali), with a particular aspect to asanas and their significance.

The methodology and proper order of asanas within Corrective Therapeutic Yoga Practice plays a very significant role in maximizing the benefits of sequences. Students will learn how to approach each student individually with the development of a personal therapy card for a certain period of time. The characteristic of Corrective Therapeutic Yoga is an individual approach, and a personal therapeutic card is used as a tool only in this type of yoga.


Study materials and examination materials are provided and distributed to students in accordance with ongoing lectures and practice. Scripts are provided for the theoretical part of the training and Manuals (practitioners) are provided for the practical part of the Corrective Therapeutic Yoga training. Manuals are designed to require interactive student participation during the demonstration of the Asana Correctional Therapeutic Yoga. Therefore, it is advisable for students not to miss classes when practically explaining and practicing placements. Students gain insights when, with the assistance of a Master, they are positioned in a correctively therapeutic position, and are able to feel and learn to evaluate what it will mean to them in practice when one day they work independently.
Students will receive a list of additional literature they can choose to study to deepen their knowledge during and after the training. Mentoring will be supported where they can obtain additional material and experience what is recommended.

During the training, students at the end of each themed unit take the exam in the taught areas of each subject. If they do not show 70% of knowledge, retesting is mandatory. The cost of training includes two tests, while each of the following competes with a certain amount.
The main part of the exam consists of self-directed classes in which students need to show their skills, not only in the field of proper yoga asana, but also correct class management, which involves clarity and precision of instruction, contact with students, safety and independence in explaining and guiding students at the end of the course ... At the end of the training, students submit a Seminar paper on a topic they choose in agreement with their mentor.
When receiving a Level Certificate, Yoga Instructors or Teachers are required by their signature to abide by the code of conduct set forth by the AnaRado Center for Corrective Therapeutic Yoga, which complies with the rules of conduct of the Yoga Instructor and Teacher of Corrective Therapeutic Yoga, as they are regulated the world's leading yoga associations, of which he is a member.


Rules and codes of ethical and professional conduct in accordance with the standards applicable to registered yoga instructors and teachers are the basis of yoga ethics and are not contrary to the rules and traditions of other schools.
Future Instructors and Teachers of Correctional Therapeutic Yoga are expected to uphold the ethical rules of the AnaRado Center for Therapeutic Yoga.

The student is obliged to agree to the following:

-I agree to support the ethical goals formulated in the Rule of AnaRado Correctional Therapy Yoga Rule System.
-I will do my job professionally and conscientiously.
-I will ensure that cleanliness, safety and comfort of the space intended for practicing Yoga are maintained.
-I will accept and nurture a sense of understanding for all the differences, both when it comes to the age of the practitioner and when it comes to physical limitations, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation.
-I will respect the integrity and dignity of my students and avoid words and activities that may raise suspicion of sexual harassment.
-I will respect the traditional principles of Yoga.
-I will adhere to national and national legal norms regarding teaching Yoga.