What is Yoga and by what methods are we different from other Yoga?

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There are different approaches to practicing Yoga, but no matter what method we rely on, we are talking about the unique discipline in which each of these exercises is based. The different approaches and methods used testify to the endless possibilities that Yoga has to offer.

The only condition to deal with is the goodwill of the student. The way we exercise is a therapeutic approach to posture. Thanks to the Iyengar method of using props, it is equally adapted for beginners and Yoga Instructors. Yoga, which includes a therapeutic approach to posture, is a window into a new vision of ancient discipline that, in addition to all aspects and good points, has one that is often overlooked, which is prevention and assistance in the treatment of various ailments. It is only at certain Yoga centers in India that there is knowledge about this type of Yoga – how to help the system of healing certain ailments. The results are really fantastic. Let’s just say that one asana, performed with the help of a bolster and whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes, operates from three hundred points in our body. Combined with breathing techniques and nutrition, this yoga makes the breakthrough that classical medicine would envy.
Who’s coming to our classes?

Yoga classes at AnaRado Yoga Studio are attended by students of different ages, ages 14-75. What truly connects these people with different educational and character profiles is the desire to do something good for themselves, or, quite often, to turn a new page of life. Their experiences are in favor of making them more flexible, physically fit, more stable and happier people who view their problems, health and lives from the perspective of a person who knows they can overcome them. After all, come for a tryout, get to know our team, and experience the benefits of Yoga.
What can you do in two hours?

Yoga that has no real connection to India, or its western variant, usually treats Yoga through a system of stretching, rapidly changing asanas, and reduces exercise to the physical aspect of the dicipline. Exercise environment is usually a studio, equipped for all types of physical exercises. This kind of Yoga usually lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. Another type of Yoga that is practiced is one based solely on breathing technique and several asanas during exercise and meditation. It also lasts between an hour, an hour and fifteen minutes, and unlike the first one is usually accompanied by an ambient Indian style and an insistence on the spiritual foundation of Yoga. Without wanting to underestimate any Yoga, because each has its proponents, I find therapeutic Yoga to be a precisely balanced relationship between physical exercise, asana, pranayama, and nidra yoga, all lasting two hours. Any shortening of time would also require a distortion of the balance. Without hurry, slowly, the teacher devotes himself to each student, closely monitors the posture, time spent in the posture, insists on a well-done exercise. This Yoga is active, requires the full participation of the exerciser, works with muscles, improves body posture, but does not neglect the importance of relaxation and breathing exercises. The environment is equipped with props, and adapted exclusively to Yoga practice, and according to the students, there is a feeling of pleasantness, warmth, and happiness.
How Does Yoga Affect Chronic Illness?

Yoga has long been not just a hobby for fans of Eastern teachings. Recognized by medicine, it has become the subject of much research by science centers around the world. So researchers at the University of West Virginia found that Iyengar Yoga was more effective in reducing pain and improving mood than standard medical treatments for low back pain. Also, this Yoga improves balance and prevents falls in women over 65 years of age. Scientific studies have established the following facts:

1. Exercising yoga with standard diabetes therapy can help stabilize your blood sugar level.
2. Exercising yoga causes a drop in body mass index in the workout.
3. After several years of exercise, it improves bone density in the elderly.
4. Yoga lowers risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
5. Increases lung capacity.
6. Four weeks of practicing Iyengar Yoga effectively reduces the intensity of neck pain.
7. Helps eliminate anxiety and increases the level of aminobutyric acid gamma, which fights depression and anxiety disorders
The list of diseases that yoga preventively prevents or treats is the same as the types of diseases. It is interesting to note that, for example, in Germany, an increasing number of Insurance Companies are reimbursing their clients for part of the cost of attending Yoga courses. In the USA, yoga has received the greatest affirmation, there are many institutions that apply yoga for preventive and therapeutic purposes:
Yoga rejuvenates
What is first observed in people who practice Yoga regularly are white, healthy feet. Veins and dark gray are common in people who spend most of their time sitting in a Yoga position.
Also, it has a noticeably tightened face, less wrinkles compared to exercise age and healthy skin color. The reason for this lies in the inverted positions that replace the 30-minute cosmetic tetman or face massage in the salon, proper breathing and physical activity are also essential. After four months of practicing Yoga, the deep wrinkles are noticeably reduced, the skin of the face is gradually tightens, and the internal pleasure radiating further adds to the impression that the person has become more beautiful. This fact also explains why people who are active in public life certainly do Yoga.