AnaRado yoga studio

Studio Ana Rado yoga is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and best equipped studios in the city. It is, according to the trainers themselves, definitely a futuristic corner where the peace and joy undoubtedly rule. The spacious studio exudes cheerfulness and airiness, and the stamp in this small universe has been given by Snežana Radojičić, a teacher who welcomes each member of the great family with a smile and irresistible enthusiasm. The space is fully adapted to the practice of yoga. In addition to the equipment available to every practitioner, the studio, according to the choice of the interior, looks like a real yoga house in which, besides large and small Buddha statues, attention is drawn to carefully selected details - painted abrasives, rare stones, fountains and a small zen garden. Studio Ana Rado yoga is an authentic and India-inspired space, in which practicing yoga is a small sign of attention that you can always afford.

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a combination of the remarkable relationship of the yoga therapist to the individual, the student, and his/her physical and mental patterns, and the difficulties he/she is facing, and the lyengar method, with the help of which yoga is not merely a stretch, but a perfect method of fast and effective work on oneself. In the heart of Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, therapeutic yoga teachers expose old disciplines to rare travelers and seekers of ancient skill secrets. Thanks to them and acquired knowledge from India, therapeutic yoga is now available to a modern man in New York, Paris or Belgrade.
At the Yoga Studio "Ana Rado Yoga", in No.1 Kalenićeva Street, therapeutic yoga, recognized as a dignified alternative to a classical medicine, is held by Snežana Radojičić, a prestigious teacher with many years of experience in yoga, acquired at famous schools of India. Adapted to the individual, in relation to his age, health condition, the limits of the possibilities - this kind of yoga makes miracles for a short time.
Apart from the fact that we are caught up constantly sitting at computers, it rises us to our feet, it opens the shoulders, corrects distorted body structures, works with the internal glands, this kind yoga also has a beneficial effect on the spiritual sphere of our lives. Satisfaction gives way to anger and intolerance, and accumulated stress transforms into a mild, thoughtful and worthwhile attitude towards life. It is important to note that 80 percent of therapeutic yoga exercises are directed to work on proper posture and correction of the spine. Hence, it is believed that this kind yoga most effectively affects the sciatica nerve that suffers the greatest seizure pressure. One should not ignore the physical appearance, because it is precisely thanks to the Iyengar methods used. It has been proven that a half hour exercise will replace one cosmetic treatment. Turn the page in your life. Make the first step. Put a smile on your face - remember that you used to do it spontaneously as children, always amazed by life, and it hasn't been difficult.

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